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Extended Services at Dogland Park

December 20, 2009

At Dogland Park, we have extended our services to make owning an sl pet more fun and easier. We have added many attractions as well.
*Come see our classes, or get walked through VKC Dog Adoption and
training. Not only Do we have the greatest dogs available in world, with
true Artificial Intelligence, but there is more.
*We are the ONLY vendor of Jazz Johin Animated Talking Macaws.
*We carry “Happy Pets” Fantasy pets (like animated Bambi).
*You will find Todd Borst Shoulder Pets here of every kind, and if you
contact me before buying, you will get a L$100 discount on these pets!
*Underwater Sea Trail
* Regular Free Classes
*Vitolo Rossini is the only certfied D&D Dogs Representative in world.
* Free Supplies , Beds, House for dogs
*PET SUPPLIES STORE- Vito’s Neighborhood is now located right on Dogland Park
so that visitors no longer must travel to get to
the Best VKC dog supplies in world!
*Dogs can be claimed at any clinic, OR by a direct IM to myself
or any of my staff
*The Trainers at Rhoda have gone OVER and beyond
certification requirements. They have passed my own tough test to be
allowed to serve you at Dogland Park. Only 3 People out of 10 have
passed my personal requirements, and these are the “cream of the
crop”. This is who you can expect 24/7 service from
*Free Pet Memorial- I heard your call for a Pet Memorial that was without
cost to use, so I added one to Dogland Park. The Memorial Wall is located near the duck pond close
to the Dogland Little Theater. There is plenty of room for anyone to
memorialize their friends that have passed. Send me a full perm picture
of your pet, and write a notecard about them- say what is in your heart.
Your pet will appear on the wall the very same day, and will remain
there for you and for others to visit, when at Dogland. This memorial
is for anyone who has lost their rl best friend.
* There are over 60,000 meters of open Dog Walking , Pet Rezzing allowed area.
Follow the shoreline all the way around to the beautiful Dogland Boardwalk’s art exhibit!
* There is an ample 2 hour auto return to give you and your Dogs plenty of time to explore!
Come See us at: Rhoda 142, 155, 25
Contact: Vitolo Rossini, “The Dogfather”-Park Owner/Trainer
I get IM to email 24 /7 for your convenience!


VKC Mutt at Dogland

December 20, 2009

On December 19th the VKC Mutt was released. Within minutes of the release, Dogland Park in Rhoda had dozens of Mutts running all around. Members of the various VKC Dog Owner’s groups rushed over to collect free supplies and t-shirts, as all Mutts received training, with a full array of tricks designed for them.
This release coincided with a grand “Mutt Hunt”, where statues of a Mutt were hidden all around the park, to be counted. The winning count received a L$500 prize, and everyone left Dogland happy, and with fully trained dogs, and stories to share!
Come visit Dogland Park, and get your Mutt trained, and enjoy the many activities we have set up for you and all of your Virtual Dogs!