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SL’s Dogfather by karen Falconer – The Dogfather

February 20, 2010


After reading about Vitolo Rossini on the web, I got myself an SL account to log into the Virtual Metaverse, to see his work first hand. Vitolo allowed me to join 6 of his groups over the past year, and I took my time in formulating what I would write.

I went to meetings with his TBI group, and I became a Virtual Dog Owner, so that I could attend his classes.

Vitolo is the most amazing man I have ever met. His life has been fascinating, and his Second Life’s endeavors easily match what he has done in RL.

Vito, as he prefers to be called, travelled the world with the International Freestyle Karate Association. While at home in the U.S.A, he taught dog handlers for various U.S Law Enforcement Agencies. I poured over articles written, and awards received, that Vito was nice enough to send to me.

Survivors of TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury, have spoken to me at length about how Vito has helped them regain a successful RL, as a result of his guidance and teachings in SL.

I attended classes with my Virtual dogs. These classes are informative, where the dogs are concerned, but Vito takes it so much further. He manages to relate what he is teaching us to our own rl self concept, and has given many hundreds of SL residents the ability to gain confidence and live more content lives.

Over the past weeks, I became a VKC dog owner also. Although he clarified that he has nothing to do with the VKC organization,Vitolo knows these dogs far better than anyone at any of the VKC dog parks. His VKC supplies and creations, are not only free, but are superior in look and function to other creators goods. I watched as he untangled dog issues, that were left unfixed by officials working for VKC.

When the envious creator of the VKC Dogs, Enrico Genosse, took actions to eliminate Mr. Rossini from the “SL Dog Picture”, by disallowing him and his close family to receive transfered dogs ( this included a ban from all VKC Parks- to eliminate his being able to acquire even new dogs), I watched as over 300 members all volunteered their service to Dogland Park in Rhoda. These loyal member flocked to Vitolo’s aid, and began buying new dogs to fill all of Dogland parks orders. There is now a list that is 3 pages long, of folks that have also volunteered to accept dogs on Vitolo’s behalf, so that Doglands special services could continue. These special services include getting dog owners in need of money the best price for their Virtual dogs, and getting potential dog owners with limited funds dogs that are not only fully trained, but at greatly reduced prices.

At one of the TBI group meetings, Vitolo generously gave all present the gift of their own Virtual Dog. Even though I am not a survivor of TBI, he gave me a VKC dogs also, for being a TBI Supporter. The dog had to be passed to me by a third party, due to Vitolo being limited by the VKC creator. 

What Vitolo teaches all who come to Dogland park, is that Success Begets Success. He says that every time you experience a new learning experience, you have racked up a success. These successful interactions that Vitolo provides at his dog park have touched my life as well as the lives of many. I have interviewed over 100 people before writing this article. I interviewed also people that spoke agaist Vitolo. Those that spoke out against him, demonstrated to me typical opinions of those that are jealous of another’s charismatic nature. The hundreds that praised Vito, gave him credit for opening their eyes to a more confident successful RL, through his SL teachings.

I was permitted to preview part of an interview with “The Dogfather” as Vito is called. This interview I speak of is being made into a full length Machinina Video, made by one of SL’s premiere Movie makers. It’s title is to be “Success Begets Success”, which is Vito’s motto as well as the way he views, and lives his life. Watch for this film, and view it when it is released. I can promise that your life will not be the same.

Dogfather- Vito, the world is a better place for your being here, and SL is a better place thanks to the few unselfish givers like yourself.

Now a word about support. I got the chance to see Patritzia Rossini at the TBI Center above Dogland Park. This is a woman who truly supports her Husband’s efforts fully. She volunteers to stay logged in at night, with an IM alert set up. Together they provide members of the TBI group with 24/7 access to Skype contact, group phone conference and more.

To aid the dog owners in the largest Dog Owners group in SL,”VKC Dog Owner’s Open Chat Group” ( a group of VKC dog owners that disagrees with VKC group policies, and actions), They have set up a “relay” that functions 24/7 also. All issues that get brought up in group IM get sent by email by a group of 37 volunteers that for the past year and a half have worked in shifts, never once leaving group IM unmonitored. Every single dog issue or question, is read and contact is made within a couple of hours maximum. Even without direct contact to Vito, these owners have their issues solved completely by morning ( usually sooner).

I salute you both Patty, and Vito… “The Dogparents”. Your bringing me into SL has prompted me to invite dozens of my friends into SL. The population of SL has grown because people like you exist.