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Poses for VKC Dogs – The Dogfather

March 24, 2010

Poses for VKC Dogs (Updated)



TBI Center above Dogland

March 15, 2010




Second Life (SL) is a virtual world. Here thousands upon thousand of people come to live out there dream existence. It is boasted by Linden Labs, creators of Second life that it is “your world,… your imagination”. As it turns out SL is a place where many go who are homebound, or are not able to get out into the world. The virtual metaverse has become for them not only a place of refuge, but a window to the world. This blog entry is devoted to all of my friends in SL who survived as I did a traumatic brain injury. If your interested read on…

Survivors of TBI- Traumatic Brain Injury

Residents of sl….. Whether you are a survivor of a head injury-

A medical professional, with compassion- a friend to someone whos been injured- a family member of a survivor- or you just want to learn more or help others….

This group is active in assisting folks who are recovering , or have recovered from Brain Injury. You can learn and grow right here in sl. Find new ways to think! Open new pathways in your brain.

My name is Vitolo Rossini, and I spent 5 & 1/2 weeks in a coma…and I’m back! I want you to search, and look at this group.

It is growing, and there’s more to come. Group notices with inventory designed to make living in sl more fun and EASY!

Feel free to check my profile, and see where I am coming from.

We can help one another.

Pass this notecard on, and you’ll be doing a good thing, as it will eventually fall into the hands of a Survivor, who wants to share, and learn. A year in a wheelchair & speech & physical therapy haven’t helped my heart as much as this! – Vito

Our facility offers meeting rooms, education, and group/private consultation, not to mention unique social opportunities. Located 3018 meters above Rhoda’s Dogland Park for privacy, the 60,000+ meters of beach and park below offers ample opportunity to explore and learn. There’s an MD and an RT on staff. It is a good place just to come and “chill out”. Pets are welcome and encouraged for therapy and fun. Meet our TBI Group dog, “Theo”!


Please Check the following Websites:


Or Come visit us at:


Dogland Park is a non profit Dog Park in the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life is “window to the world” for many homebound individuals. Our goal is to help residents with Traumatic Brain Injury, and other limitations, find new ways to think and function, using Second Life, Dogland park, Virtual Dogs, and our TBI Center as tools to implement this growth and development.


RL Pet Memorial In A Virtual World

March 12, 2010

Any of us who has lost his beloved pet knows where I am coming from on this topic. It is devastating, and we never forget, or stop glancing down to see if our old friend is there.
When I came to SL I became a resident of the virtual world. Being homebound, I spend most of my days in world. I early on brought memories with me of things I loved, even though I have these photos here at home in RL. I put a picture of my RL Godmother up at the TBI center that I built for those recovering from Brain injury. The picture is to remind me always of an important person in my life. As a resident of SL, I pass her picture in the hallway of my virtual TBI center more often than I pass the photo at home in RL. Seeing her more often has brought me comfort.
I later put a photo on my SL desk, of my family pets, including the dogs gone by that I loved so well, and ached so deeply over. I found comfort here too, and decided that I should talk to others about the comfort I find in this practice. The response was very exciting, as friends began to upload pictures. Some photos of past pets went on Dogland’s Bulletin Board.
I heard your call for a Pet Memorial that was without cost to use, so I added one to Dogland Park. The Memorial Wall is located near the duck pond close to the Dogland Little Theater. There is plenty of room for anyone to memorialize their friends that have passed. Send me a full perm picture of your pet, and write a notecard about them- say what is in your heart. Your pet will appear on the wall the very same day, and will remain there for you and for others to visit, when at Dogland. When your pet’s picture is touched, your notecard will be delivered, so that your thoughts about your fuzzy friend can be appreciated by others. This memorial is for anyone who has lost their rl best friend.