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In Honor of Service Dogs

April 8, 2010


In RL I am disabled. My service dog Buster and I have a very close relationship. He is attentive to my needs, and I love him dearly. Buster (American Bulldog) can pick up my cane and on his hind legs, he can return it into my hand. He knows how to retrieve anything that I drop and slip it back into my fingers. When I “space out” for a moment, he licks my face and brings me back. Buster can even bring me my clothing to dress in the morning, and can “fetch” my medications.

I have been privileged in my lifetime to have worked with law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, in the capacity of training working dogs, and working dog handlers.
Since the time that a prolonged coma changed my life, I have had more touching working dog training experiences. I have been lucky enough to work with Service dogs from all walks of the disabled community.
Next time you see a service dog, take a moment to admire them. Take a second to thank God for the dogs that care for the disabled!
Come visit Dogland Park in Rhoda, at:
See some of what we are doing with dogs, for the disabled in SL. The staff of Dogland has clients with visual impairments, emotional needs, and other physical impairments. These clients come to learn about using dogs in sl and in RL.Visually impaired residents can request the latest version of Doglands Akita Guidedog at no cost. Many have extended their RL use of a canine service companion to SL. They have found comfort in this extension in the virtual world.
God bless and protect our Service Dogs!