5 de Mayo Celebration at Dogland Dog Park

 5 de Mayo, the fifth day of May was celebrated in style at Dogland park. I am a big fan of Mexican Culture. The music, food, art, culture, and people are exciting.

 Dogland Park provided a taste of all of these things. I live on the Mexico/U.S. border, and have for a long time. I found this transformation of our Dog Park to be easy and fun.

Mexican music played on the spacial channel, while residents took turns riding on the Sombrero ride called “Sombrero-go-round”. Free tacos, cokes, and beer were served, along with hot red or green animated Jalapeño peppers.

 Fiesta Shirts, and panchos were available in a large “kit” full of animations, objects, clothing and more. Everyone wore sombreros, as visitors rode the brightly colored sailboats around the Linden waterways.

The people on the beach played maracas, as all of us danced. The “Mexican Hat Dance” was performed by a pack of dogs that had been trained to do this 3 minute long choreographed, multi-dog trick.

Mexican edition Dogland Flags flew for the occasion, next to the flag of Mexico.

Dogland Boardwalk had it’s hot air balloon decorated brightly in the pattern of a mexican woven rug.

A number of people got themselves Chihuahua dogs that were already trained, and at special very low 5 de Mayo prices.

The party went on all day until almost midnight. Due to the number of VKC Dog owners that requested that we duplicate this event next year, I have had this listed as an annual event. 

Thanks all for your support. I had a great time also!




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