Thanks, SL!


I came to Second Life at the end of 2006, after 2 years of rehabilitation from the devastating effects of a prolonged coma. I was re-hospitalized in early 2007, and closed my SL account. After returning home in April of 2007, I reopened a new account.
The last 4 years have been amazing. In SL I have learned to function again, and this has spilled over into my real life.
I now owe the Universe a great debt for my fortunate circumstance of staying alive.
It is in SL that I repay the debt. SL has taught me much, and I have learned to create, build, and be a productive part of the lives and learning of other residents.
My goal has been and remains to be to use my land, and Virtual dogs, as a source of success for others. When residents come to my land I make sure that the place is set up, so that it becomes almost impossible not to have a fun interaction with the dogs or many other attractions I have built. A fun interaction leaves the door open for information to slip into ones mind, and anything learned makes the day a success.
I would like to say thanks to many people for believing in my dream.
◊ ~ My biggest inspiration has been the encouragement of my RL/SL wife Patty. She assists me with my in world goals, and gives me moral support when I have doubts.
I love Patty beyond anything I could ever explain.
It was not until after long rehab from the results of my coma that I met Patty. A driver for a city transportation service for the disabled, Patty picked me up one day from a trip to the public library. We fell in love fast. We have been together for over 3 years.
My sweet wife has watched over my shoulder, and through the screen of her own computer, as the adventures of sl have unfolded.
A word of caution to all. When a partner in a relationship is deeply involved in Second life, it can make our loved ones feel “left out”. Patty has her own SL account, but she does not use SL in the same way that I do. We all must take precautions, that we do not leave our rl loved ones with less of our attention that they need, or one’s SL will become a tender spot in any partnership.
◊ ~ I want to thank my good friends Driftwood Nomad, and Darrly Chang. These 2 guys are the originators of the 1st real SL Dog. D&D dogs allowed me to learn and grow.
My 2 good pals have shown great confidence, in allowing me to direct all of their in world services for them. In return, I recently Invited them to move D&D Dogs to Dogland in Rhoda ( my Dog Park), where they will remain supported by me, and never again pay tier. Read about D&D dogs at:
◊ ~ The members of the group Survivors of TBI, have shown me great interest, and have supported their TBI center. They too have a permanent place in world, 3000 meters above Dogland Park.
◊ ~ I have learned much from VKC Dogs creator, Enrico Genosse. Once a good friend, he had me for almost 2 years, help him find the “bugs” in his dogs and system. This learning caused Dogland Park to be the most visited of any Dog park in the metaverse. The popularity of Dogland, and the support that it still gets, caused a rift in the association I had with Mr. Genosse. A gifted creator, he still is loved by me, even though I disagree with his ethics and practices.
I own 10 groups in world, that have loyally supported my goals.
◊ ~ I thank the 2000+ members of these groups with my heart full of love.
*Survivors of TBI
*VKC Dog Owners Open Chat Group
*Dogland Training Group
*Harmonious Society of Peaceful Fist
*Dogland Kids
*Working Dog Handlers
*We Love Dogs
*SL Grid Marketing & Advertising
The group Survivors of TBI gives members access to group meetings, 24 hour help line, Skype conference, and group phone conference.
I also spread my word about Dogs, TBI, and SL on the web, on the following websites;
The first of the links provided above, includes a 24 hour live chat line for talk, assistance, and service, as well as request forms for those who do not wish to interact in live chat.
◊ ~ I thank the members of the 10 off world (not in SL) Dogland Groups. The members of these groups have regular meetings online, as well as access to email communication, Skype calls, and group phone conference. These Can be found at:
Yahoo Groups – Dogland Dog Owners
ProfilesLive Groups – Dogland Dog Owners (Website no longer functions)
FaceBook Groups – Dogland ‘s “FaceBook 2nd Life Group”
Facebook Fan Pages – Dogland Dog Park
WikiFoundry – The Dogfather
SLUniverse – Dogland Dog Owners
MyPlace – Dogland Dog Owners (Website no longer functions)
2nd Friends – Dogland Dog Owners
Association of Virtual Worlds –Dogland Dog Owners (Website no longer functions)
Virtual World Professional Networkers- Dogland Dog Owners Group (Website no longer functions)

Now let me not forget Linden Labs, and the group of Lindens that see that all is in order in world. They have provided us with a platform to live a second life. A good portion of SL residents are homebound for one reason or another. Physical, emotional, and other variable conditions, can have one staying at home. SL has freed us, and given us a world.
◊ ~ I thank Linden Labs for the world I now inhabit. I thank the governance team for not allowing land bullies to have their ways. They have taken care to investigate every difficulty, and have not yet failed to provide me, members of my groups, and those who are close to me with resolution of abuses and violations of TOS and Community Standards.
◊ ~ AND… If you took the time to read this, I thank you too! You have shown an interest in what is going on in the heart and mind of another.
If in any way I have inspired any soul to use SL as a tool to expand your lives, and feel success…
◊ ~ I Thank the Universe!


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2 Responses to “Thanks, SL!”

  1. Dog Seesaw Says:

    Vitolo, lots of people try, but none match your skill with ANY make of SL dogs. Many try, but none come close to matching how much care you have for your fellow residents. I am glad your in SL, and thanks for being my friend!

  2. Vito Says:

    Reblogged this on Vitolo's Weblog and commented:

    2014 closes in on us. The government is doing scary things, and the world is going to hell in a handbasket. One thing has remained constant for me. Dogland Park in Rhoda remains the same. Second Life continues to be exactly as it was.The virtual world has provided an Island of Safety in uncertain times.
    Thanks all of my friends in SL, for the continued support you have given by keeping the park open!
    Thanks to our friends at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for what you do in RL every day, and for the love you have shown to Dogland Park in SL.

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