Traversing RL Dreamscape in SL

Friends of Dogland and some of the various group members from Dogland’s 11 Groups have joined me in a new project, that promises great success.
In a conversation with my friend Jolie she had mentioned having unusual grand scale dreams. She wondered if speaking to a dream analyst would help her grasp the meaning of her dreams. 
In my articles, and in the Video “Success Begets Success” I talk so much about dreams, and SL’s effect on our dreams. I have always said that dreams are the key to self confidence, and good attitude.
This next “epiphany” flooded over me like a tidal wave!
What about those times when your day was not filled with success. Your dreams become unclear and a bit confused.
You have the tools right here at your disposal! SL is the perfect platform to reconstruct your dreams for further study, and just for the fun of it!
Using carefully chosen environments and taking as much time as needed, those assisting have helped obtain described textures, and various primes adjusted until each participant’s “Dreamscape” was as the dreamer (participant) remembered it.
Then the choreography began, until the trek through the dreamscape was finely tuned to match the moves in the dream. 
The participants were encouraged to traverse the scenario over and over with breaks in between each attempt. 
All participants found that they began to notice missing details from the dream, as the dreams imagery became more and more familiar to them. Most reported recalling previously hidden details such as clothing worn in the dream.
All “dreamers” reported at improved recall of the dream that they were studying.
More than half reported full recall of the dream material, and were able to “recapture” the emotions felt at the time of the dream.
In most cases this combined recreation, and concomitant recall once combined with discussion of the dream allowed participants to come to grips with what they were thinking at the time of the dream, helping them to realize what the symbolism meant to them personally.
Dreams are a powerful thing, and I encourage exploration of your dreams using this fine venue that we call Second Life!


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