January 2012 – I’m Back



Well, it has been almost a year now that I have not maintained a regular presence in SL, but as of Decenber 15th, I am back, with fresh ideas, and new dogs!

It is time now that I explain, where my I’ve  been, and how we have managed to keep Dogland running smoothly in my absence.

For the past 12 months, I kept contact with grace Feden, who monitored traffic on a daily basis… and got me in world through timely phone calls, to help  keep things “business as usual”.

Dog Seesaw took care of Facebook and VKC Dog Owners Open Chat Group in world, while My wonderful wife, Patty  took care of all other Dogland Groups and our TBI group.

Patty… my sweet Patty… by laptop, or whatever means, she  got me logged in when it was time for serious matters.

Wonderful members of the TBI community like Spiritoflife Edelmann and Cora Heslop kept communications open at the Center and at Dogland.

Danny06 Aya handled regular announcements on all social networks, so that birthday greetings, and news got posted as normal. 


I was logged in every day as myself and at night  as my “alt”, so that I would not miss out on group happenings! Until now my RL medical, and Community commitment kept  me less than focused… So I watched, and sat quietly, enjoying SL through all of your adventures!

I managed a couple of posts on Network blogs, but was always interrupted by that pesky RL!


I of course still have RL health issues.. heck, I was in a prolonged coma 8 years back, and have paralysis and spasticity!

That aside, I am well rested, I have been given a clean bill of health, and am enthusiastic about starting a new year here in SL with my true friends and Family. 

I wish a special thanks to:

Grace Feden

Bethi Catteneo

Dog Seesaw

Danny06 Aya

Kenzie Serrari

wim Arliss

Tinylittleallthat Resident

Spiritoflife Edelmann

Cora Heslop

Sweetbabe1A Lusch for ongoing moral support

and Patritzia Rossini, my wife…

These people along with the many dog owners in the group VKC Dog Owner’s Open Chat Group helped me to maintain an ongoing presence, and continued support for activities at Dogland for the past year.

Here’s to a powerful new year!




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