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January 2012 – I’m Back

December 16, 2011



Well, it has been almost a year now that I have not maintained a regular presence in SL, but as of Decenber 15th, I am back, with fresh ideas, and new dogs!

It is time now that I explain, where my I’ve  been, and how we have managed to keep Dogland running smoothly in my absence.

For the past 12 months, I kept contact with grace Feden, who monitored traffic on a daily basis… and got me in world through timely phone calls, to help  keep things “business as usual”.

Dog Seesaw took care of Facebook and VKC Dog Owners Open Chat Group in world, while My wonderful wife, Patty  took care of all other Dogland Groups and our TBI group.

Patty… my sweet Patty… by laptop, or whatever means, she  got me logged in when it was time for serious matters.

Wonderful members of the TBI community like Spiritoflife Edelmann and Cora Heslop kept communications open at the Center and at Dogland.

Danny06 Aya handled regular announcements on all social networks, so that birthday greetings, and news got posted as normal. 


I was logged in every day as myself and at night  as my “alt”, so that I would not miss out on group happenings! Until now my RL medical, and Community commitment kept  me less than focused… So I watched, and sat quietly, enjoying SL through all of your adventures!

I managed a couple of posts on Network blogs, but was always interrupted by that pesky RL!


I of course still have RL health issues.. heck, I was in a prolonged coma 8 years back, and have paralysis and spasticity!

That aside, I am well rested, I have been given a clean bill of health, and am enthusiastic about starting a new year here in SL with my true friends and Family. 

I wish a special thanks to:

Grace Feden

Bethi Catteneo

Dog Seesaw

Danny06 Aya

Kenzie Serrari

wim Arliss

Tinylittleallthat Resident

Spiritoflife Edelmann

Cora Heslop

Sweetbabe1A Lusch for ongoing moral support

and Patritzia Rossini, my wife…

These people along with the many dog owners in the group VKC Dog Owner’s Open Chat Group helped me to maintain an ongoing presence, and continued support for activities at Dogland for the past year.

Here’s to a powerful new year!




Traversing RL Dreamscape in SL

January 7, 2011

Friends of Dogland and some of the various group members from Dogland’s 11 Groups have joined me in a new project, that promises great success.
In a conversation with my friend Jolie she had mentioned having unusual grand scale dreams. She wondered if speaking to a dream analyst would help her grasp the meaning of her dreams. 
In my articles, and in the Video “Success Begets Success” I talk so much about dreams, and SL’s effect on our dreams. I have always said that dreams are the key to self confidence, and good attitude.
This next “epiphany” flooded over me like a tidal wave!
What about those times when your day was not filled with success. Your dreams become unclear and a bit confused.
You have the tools right here at your disposal! SL is the perfect platform to reconstruct your dreams for further study, and just for the fun of it!
Using carefully chosen environments and taking as much time as needed, those assisting have helped obtain described textures, and various primes adjusted until each participant’s “Dreamscape” was as the dreamer (participant) remembered it.
Then the choreography began, until the trek through the dreamscape was finely tuned to match the moves in the dream. 
The participants were encouraged to traverse the scenario over and over with breaks in between each attempt. 
All participants found that they began to notice missing details from the dream, as the dreams imagery became more and more familiar to them. Most reported recalling previously hidden details such as clothing worn in the dream.
All “dreamers” reported at improved recall of the dream that they were studying.
More than half reported full recall of the dream material, and were able to “recapture” the emotions felt at the time of the dream.
In most cases this combined recreation, and concomitant recall once combined with discussion of the dream allowed participants to come to grips with what they were thinking at the time of the dream, helping them to realize what the symbolism meant to them personally.
Dreams are a powerful thing, and I encourage exploration of your dreams using this fine venue that we call Second Life!

Success Begets Success (the video)

September 2, 2010

In the virtual world of Second Life, I was able to recreate my life and find new ways to help others after a prolonged coma.
I own Dogland, an independent Dog Park serving ALL makes of Virtual Dogs. I also own and maintain a group for others that are recovering from Brain Injury.
Freeta Kayo, a dear friend and supporter of Dogland Park in Second Life. Asked me if she could make this video, to help get what she felt was a “worthy message” out to the public.
Freeta is a Machinima Artist, and Media Specialist with extreme talent.
The musical background for this piece was made by Composer Claus Gahrn from Denmark.

Thanks, SL!

June 26, 2010

I came to Second Life at the end of 2006, after 2 years of rehabilitation from the devastating effects of a prolonged coma. I was re-hospitalized in early 2007, and closed my SL account. After returning home in April of 2007, I reopened a new account.
The last 4 years have been amazing. In SL I have learned to function again, and this has spilled over into my real life.
I now owe the Universe a great debt for my fortunate circumstance of staying alive.
It is in SL that I repay the debt. SL has taught me much, and I have learned to create, build, and be a productive part of the lives and learning of other residents.
My goal has been and remains to be to use my land, and Virtual dogs, as a source of success for others. When residents come to my land I make sure that the place is set up, so that it becomes almost impossible not to have a fun interaction with the dogs or many other attractions I have built. A fun interaction leaves the door open for information to slip into ones mind, and anything learned makes the day a success.
I would like to say thanks to many people for believing in my dream.
◊ ~ My biggest inspiration has been the encouragement of my RL/SL wife Patty. She assists me with my in world goals, and gives me moral support when I have doubts.
I love Patty beyond anything I could ever explain.
It was not until after long rehab from the results of my coma that I met Patty. A driver for a city transportation service for the disabled, Patty picked me up one day from a trip to the public library. We fell in love fast. We have been together for over 3 years.
My sweet wife has watched over my shoulder, and through the screen of her own computer, as the adventures of sl have unfolded.
A word of caution to all. When a partner in a relationship is deeply involved in Second life, it can make our loved ones feel “left out”. Patty has her own SL account, but she does not use SL in the same way that I do. We all must take precautions, that we do not leave our rl loved ones with less of our attention that they need, or one’s SL will become a tender spot in any partnership.
◊ ~ I want to thank my good friends Driftwood Nomad, and Darrly Chang. These 2 guys are the originators of the 1st real SL Dog. D&D dogs allowed me to learn and grow.
My 2 good pals have shown great confidence, in allowing me to direct all of their in world services for them. In return, I recently Invited them to move D&D Dogs to Dogland in Rhoda ( my Dog Park), where they will remain supported by me, and never again pay tier. Read about D&D dogs at:
◊ ~ The members of the group Survivors of TBI, have shown me great interest, and have supported their TBI center. They too have a permanent place in world, 3000 meters above Dogland Park.
◊ ~ I have learned much from VKC Dogs creator, Enrico Genosse. Once a good friend, he had me for almost 2 years, help him find the “bugs” in his dogs and system. This learning caused Dogland Park to be the most visited of any Dog park in the metaverse. The popularity of Dogland, and the support that it still gets, caused a rift in the association I had with Mr. Genosse. A gifted creator, he still is loved by me, even though I disagree with his ethics and practices.
I own 10 groups in world, that have loyally supported my goals.
◊ ~ I thank the 2000+ members of these groups with my heart full of love.
*Survivors of TBI
*VKC Dog Owners Open Chat Group
*Dogland Training Group
*Harmonious Society of Peaceful Fist
*Dogland Kids
*Working Dog Handlers
*We Love Dogs
*SL Grid Marketing & Advertising
The group Survivors of TBI gives members access to group meetings, 24 hour help line, Skype conference, and group phone conference.
I also spread my word about Dogs, TBI, and SL on the web, on the following websites;
The first of the links provided above, includes a 24 hour live chat line for talk, assistance, and service, as well as request forms for those who do not wish to interact in live chat.
◊ ~ I thank the members of the 10 off world (not in SL) Dogland Groups. The members of these groups have regular meetings online, as well as access to email communication, Skype calls, and group phone conference. These Can be found at:
Yahoo Groups – Dogland Dog Owners
ProfilesLive Groups – Dogland Dog Owners (Website no longer functions)
FaceBook Groups – Dogland ‘s “FaceBook 2nd Life Group”
Facebook Fan Pages – Dogland Dog Park
WikiFoundry – The Dogfather
SLUniverse – Dogland Dog Owners
MyPlace – Dogland Dog Owners (Website no longer functions)
2nd Friends – Dogland Dog Owners
Association of Virtual Worlds –Dogland Dog Owners (Website no longer functions)
Virtual World Professional Networkers- Dogland Dog Owners Group (Website no longer functions)

Now let me not forget Linden Labs, and the group of Lindens that see that all is in order in world. They have provided us with a platform to live a second life. A good portion of SL residents are homebound for one reason or another. Physical, emotional, and other variable conditions, can have one staying at home. SL has freed us, and given us a world.
◊ ~ I thank Linden Labs for the world I now inhabit. I thank the governance team for not allowing land bullies to have their ways. They have taken care to investigate every difficulty, and have not yet failed to provide me, members of my groups, and those who are close to me with resolution of abuses and violations of TOS and Community Standards.
◊ ~ AND… If you took the time to read this, I thank you too! You have shown an interest in what is going on in the heart and mind of another.
If in any way I have inspired any soul to use SL as a tool to expand your lives, and feel success…
◊ ~ I Thank the Universe!

Virtual Dog Owner’s Open Chat Group

June 26, 2010


Most dog groups are owned by the company the makes the dog, so information you get , is “filtered” and sugar coated. They will tell you what they want you to hear. “VKC Dog Owners Open Chat Group” is independent, and sends out great inventions for dogs weekly. We have events/contests. Not owned by a “manufacturer”, this group is owned by dog owners like yourself. Being independent, this group will always get you the facts (good and bad) and all update information.

This group is based in Second Life, at Dogland park, in the region of Rhoda.
Contact Dog Seesaw, Vitolo Rossini, or Danny06 Aya to join.
“By the people, for the people”

5 de Mayo Celebration at Dogland Dog Park

May 6, 2010

 5 de Mayo, the fifth day of May was celebrated in style at Dogland park. I am a big fan of Mexican Culture. The music, food, art, culture, and people are exciting.

 Dogland Park provided a taste of all of these things. I live on the Mexico/U.S. border, and have for a long time. I found this transformation of our Dog Park to be easy and fun.

Mexican music played on the spacial channel, while residents took turns riding on the Sombrero ride called “Sombrero-go-round”. Free tacos, cokes, and beer were served, along with hot red or green animated Jalapeño peppers.

 Fiesta Shirts, and panchos were available in a large “kit” full of animations, objects, clothing and more. Everyone wore sombreros, as visitors rode the brightly colored sailboats around the Linden waterways.

The people on the beach played maracas, as all of us danced. The “Mexican Hat Dance” was performed by a pack of dogs that had been trained to do this 3 minute long choreographed, multi-dog trick.

Mexican edition Dogland Flags flew for the occasion, next to the flag of Mexico.

Dogland Boardwalk had it’s hot air balloon decorated brightly in the pattern of a mexican woven rug.

A number of people got themselves Chihuahua dogs that were already trained, and at special very low 5 de Mayo prices.

The party went on all day until almost midnight. Due to the number of VKC Dog owners that requested that we duplicate this event next year, I have had this listed as an annual event. 

Thanks all for your support. I had a great time also!



In Honor of Service Dogs

April 8, 2010


In RL I am disabled. My service dog Buster and I have a very close relationship. He is attentive to my needs, and I love him dearly. Buster (American Bulldog) can pick up my cane and on his hind legs, he can return it into my hand. He knows how to retrieve anything that I drop and slip it back into my fingers. When I “space out” for a moment, he licks my face and brings me back. Buster can even bring me my clothing to dress in the morning, and can “fetch” my medications.

I have been privileged in my lifetime to have worked with law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, in the capacity of training working dogs, and working dog handlers.
Since the time that a prolonged coma changed my life, I have had more touching working dog training experiences. I have been lucky enough to work with Service dogs from all walks of the disabled community.
Next time you see a service dog, take a moment to admire them. Take a second to thank God for the dogs that care for the disabled!
Come visit Dogland Park in Rhoda, at:
See some of what we are doing with dogs, for the disabled in SL. The staff of Dogland has clients with visual impairments, emotional needs, and other physical impairments. These clients come to learn about using dogs in sl and in RL.Visually impaired residents can request the latest version of Doglands Akita Guidedog at no cost. Many have extended their RL use of a canine service companion to SL. They have found comfort in this extension in the virtual world.
God bless and protect our Service Dogs!


Poses for VKC Dogs – The Dogfather

March 24, 2010

Poses for VKC Dogs (Updated)


TBI Center above Dogland

March 15, 2010




Second Life (SL) is a virtual world. Here thousands upon thousand of people come to live out there dream existence. It is boasted by Linden Labs, creators of Second life that it is “your world,… your imagination”. As it turns out SL is a place where many go who are homebound, or are not able to get out into the world. The virtual metaverse has become for them not only a place of refuge, but a window to the world. This blog entry is devoted to all of my friends in SL who survived as I did a traumatic brain injury. If your interested read on…

Survivors of TBI- Traumatic Brain Injury

Residents of sl….. Whether you are a survivor of a head injury-

A medical professional, with compassion- a friend to someone whos been injured- a family member of a survivor- or you just want to learn more or help others….

This group is active in assisting folks who are recovering , or have recovered from Brain Injury. You can learn and grow right here in sl. Find new ways to think! Open new pathways in your brain.

My name is Vitolo Rossini, and I spent 5 & 1/2 weeks in a coma…and I’m back! I want you to search, and look at this group.

It is growing, and there’s more to come. Group notices with inventory designed to make living in sl more fun and EASY!

Feel free to check my profile, and see where I am coming from.

We can help one another.

Pass this notecard on, and you’ll be doing a good thing, as it will eventually fall into the hands of a Survivor, who wants to share, and learn. A year in a wheelchair & speech & physical therapy haven’t helped my heart as much as this! – Vito

Our facility offers meeting rooms, education, and group/private consultation, not to mention unique social opportunities. Located 3018 meters above Rhoda’s Dogland Park for privacy, the 60,000+ meters of beach and park below offers ample opportunity to explore and learn. There’s an MD and an RT on staff. It is a good place just to come and “chill out”. Pets are welcome and encouraged for therapy and fun. Meet our TBI Group dog, “Theo”!


Please Check the following Websites:


Or Come visit us at:


Dogland Park is a non profit Dog Park in the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life is “window to the world” for many homebound individuals. Our goal is to help residents with Traumatic Brain Injury, and other limitations, find new ways to think and function, using Second Life, Dogland park, Virtual Dogs, and our TBI Center as tools to implement this growth and development.


SL’s Dogfather by karen Falconer – The Dogfather

February 20, 2010


After reading about Vitolo Rossini on the web, I got myself an SL account to log into the Virtual Metaverse, to see his work first hand. Vitolo allowed me to join 6 of his groups over the past year, and I took my time in formulating what I would write.

I went to meetings with his TBI group, and I became a Virtual Dog Owner, so that I could attend his classes.

Vitolo is the most amazing man I have ever met. His life has been fascinating, and his Second Life’s endeavors easily match what he has done in RL.

Vito, as he prefers to be called, travelled the world with the International Freestyle Karate Association. While at home in the U.S.A, he taught dog handlers for various U.S Law Enforcement Agencies. I poured over articles written, and awards received, that Vito was nice enough to send to me.

Survivors of TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury, have spoken to me at length about how Vito has helped them regain a successful RL, as a result of his guidance and teachings in SL.

I attended classes with my Virtual dogs. These classes are informative, where the dogs are concerned, but Vito takes it so much further. He manages to relate what he is teaching us to our own rl self concept, and has given many hundreds of SL residents the ability to gain confidence and live more content lives.

Over the past weeks, I became a VKC dog owner also. Although he clarified that he has nothing to do with the VKC organization,Vitolo knows these dogs far better than anyone at any of the VKC dog parks. His VKC supplies and creations, are not only free, but are superior in look and function to other creators goods. I watched as he untangled dog issues, that were left unfixed by officials working for VKC.

When the envious creator of the VKC Dogs, Enrico Genosse, took actions to eliminate Mr. Rossini from the “SL Dog Picture”, by disallowing him and his close family to receive transfered dogs ( this included a ban from all VKC Parks- to eliminate his being able to acquire even new dogs), I watched as over 300 members all volunteered their service to Dogland Park in Rhoda. These loyal member flocked to Vitolo’s aid, and began buying new dogs to fill all of Dogland parks orders. There is now a list that is 3 pages long, of folks that have also volunteered to accept dogs on Vitolo’s behalf, so that Doglands special services could continue. These special services include getting dog owners in need of money the best price for their Virtual dogs, and getting potential dog owners with limited funds dogs that are not only fully trained, but at greatly reduced prices.

At one of the TBI group meetings, Vitolo generously gave all present the gift of their own Virtual Dog. Even though I am not a survivor of TBI, he gave me a VKC dogs also, for being a TBI Supporter. The dog had to be passed to me by a third party, due to Vitolo being limited by the VKC creator. 

What Vitolo teaches all who come to Dogland park, is that Success Begets Success. He says that every time you experience a new learning experience, you have racked up a success. These successful interactions that Vitolo provides at his dog park have touched my life as well as the lives of many. I have interviewed over 100 people before writing this article. I interviewed also people that spoke agaist Vitolo. Those that spoke out against him, demonstrated to me typical opinions of those that are jealous of another’s charismatic nature. The hundreds that praised Vito, gave him credit for opening their eyes to a more confident successful RL, through his SL teachings.

I was permitted to preview part of an interview with “The Dogfather” as Vito is called. This interview I speak of is being made into a full length Machinina Video, made by one of SL’s premiere Movie makers. It’s title is to be “Success Begets Success”, which is Vito’s motto as well as the way he views, and lives his life. Watch for this film, and view it when it is released. I can promise that your life will not be the same.

Dogfather- Vito, the world is a better place for your being here, and SL is a better place thanks to the few unselfish givers like yourself.

Now a word about support. I got the chance to see Patritzia Rossini at the TBI Center above Dogland Park. This is a woman who truly supports her Husband’s efforts fully. She volunteers to stay logged in at night, with an IM alert set up. Together they provide members of the TBI group with 24/7 access to Skype contact, group phone conference and more.

To aid the dog owners in the largest Dog Owners group in SL,”VKC Dog Owner’s Open Chat Group” ( a group of VKC dog owners that disagrees with VKC group policies, and actions), They have set up a “relay” that functions 24/7 also. All issues that get brought up in group IM get sent by email by a group of 37 volunteers that for the past year and a half have worked in shifts, never once leaving group IM unmonitored. Every single dog issue or question, is read and contact is made within a couple of hours maximum. Even without direct contact to Vito, these owners have their issues solved completely by morning ( usually sooner).

I salute you both Patty, and Vito… “The Dogparents”. Your bringing me into SL has prompted me to invite dozens of my friends into SL. The population of SL has grown because people like you exist.